Consider joining a travel group for the getaway of a lifetime

Do you have a special hobby or interest you want to learn more about? Perhaps you’re looking to travel with others who share a similar background or passion as you? Whatever type of getaway you desire, we have the connections to match you with the perfect group. While some tours feature a wide-range of experiences suitable for wide audiences, this week we focus on more hand-curated getaways that dig deeper on a specific interest or are catered to certain people. This is a great way to deepen your perspective and develop lifelong connections and friendships. Here are some groups you might consider joining as part of your next getaway.

Single groups. Solo travel is the opposite of lonely travel! With approximately 1 in 4 people deciding to set out solo, you’ll find similar folks you can instantly bond with. Tours that cater to singles are usually social and active, and they come with perks you’d expect such as mix and mingles and single room options to unwind at the end of each day. If you don’t have a travel companion or are just looking to refresh by yourself, know that the perfect getaway is waiting for you.

Genealogy. If you’re looking to learn more about your family’s heritage, consider a genealogy trip. Whether fully guided or not, you’ll learn about your ancestor’s homeland both then and now. Options might include researching the plot of land where your family once lived, visiting cemeteries, churches, or local libraries, and chatting with area locals who have knowledge of your family. Genealogy-focused travel is an excellent way to understand yourself more and connect with those who came before you and is perfect for those wanting to dive deep and experience a destination authentically.

Women’s groups. Connect with fellow women who share a passion for travel! The options for women-only groups are expanding all the time and are perfect for those who may not have a travel companion or just want the chance to be themselves in a safe surrounding. In some places around the world where gender segregation is strict, participants get to visit locations where mixed-gender groups can’t go, helping build meaningful and authentic connections across cultural divides. As with other groups, women-only groups feature a hand-curated itinerary all with someone else worrying about the transportation and other arrangements, so your experience is stress free and relaxing. If you’re interested in a certain destination or experience, a women-only travel group is likely awaiting.

Food and beverage. Some destinations are nearly synonymous with their food/drink culture. Think wine in France, pasta dishes in Italy, beer/whiskey in Ireland. Join a tour with fellow foodies who “travel with their stomach”! You might be invited into someone’s home for a meal or spend time on a working farm to see how the local food is grown. Everyone connects over food; make true friends with fellow travelers and locals from across the world.

Nature. Are you a birdwatcher, enjoy lectures by local experts, or want to see wildlife native to nowhere else on Earth? Perhaps it’s a small-ship visit to the Galapagos Islands, a Northern Lights hunt in Norway, or marine biology tour in Costa Rica, just to name a few. If nature is your thing, expand your knowledge with this type of unforgettable specialty getaway.

History. Connect with the experiences and sacrifices of those who came before you. By joining a history tour group, you’ll be able to deepen your context of a certain place or event, enriching your own life perspective. Options could include visiting World War II sites in France, understanding the Great Famine in Ireland, or exploring ancient ruins in Mexico or Peru. Every place has a deep and rich history, and one that when better understood will better connect you to the human experience. If this is your thing, what better way to travel than with like-minded history buffs?

Wellness getaways. In today’s fast paced environment, it’s important to focus on self-care, and travel has been shown to improve health long after the trip has ended. Join a wellness group and you’ll quickly unwind from the long list of tasks and stresses of daily life. With self-care being front and center you can visit spas set in beautiful locations, soak in a hot spring, or participate in daily mind/body/spirit activities. If a wellness getaway sounds heavenly, let us connect you to the relaxation you crave.

No matter your group or interest, let travel connect you with unique experiences you won’t get anywhere else! Contact Denise today.

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