Tips During Travel

Why can’t I bring it back with me?

Even the most seasoned traveler will scratch their head when it comes to bringing food products back into the U.S., and it seems the rules are always changing. It’s confusing and frustrating to have food or a souvenir taken away by a customs agent! The reason for...

10 Major Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

We travel for many reasons - reconnecting with loved ones, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people – but in every country, scam artists lurk around looking to spoil your trip. Common sense goes a long way, but many scammers are pros that can steal from even the...

How to travel without looking like a tourist

Tourist taking selfie at a tropical beach at Maldives Islands Few things are more exciting than being in a completely new place. Think of your first trip abroad – how great it was to experience the new sights, smells, customs, and language. It’s practically addictive!...

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