Say Aloha to 10 Healthy and Rejuvenating Experiences in Hawaii

Everyone knows Hawaii is a tropical paradise, but it’s also becoming a popular destination for health and wellness vacations. In fact, Hawaii has been named the nation’s healthiest state for five years in a row! Think about all the stressors you have; now imagine leaving them at home for a week, giving your mind, body, and soul a much-needed break. Sounds pretty good, right? There are countless rejuvenating activities to choose from in the Aloha State, but we have narrowed it down to the Top 10.

Hawaiian spa treatment. Who doesn’t want to indulge in a spa treatment? In Hawaii, it’s taken to a new level with local herbs, flowers, and volcanic sands. Experience the rhythmic lomilomi massage, feel your stress melt away with a warm coconut scalp massage, and rejuvenate your skin with Kona coffee scrubs. Talk about complete relaxation!

Learn to surf. Known as the “sport of kings” in Hawaii, the state has some of the world’s best waves. Regardless of your skill level, experienced instructors will walk you through the knowledge and safety of the sport. Lessons run about 1-2 hours, or surf camps for all ages and abilities will immerse you in the surfing lifestyle for days or even weeks.

Sunrise hikes. Mental images of Hawaii usually center on sun and surf, but there are excellent places to hike, with waterfalls, mountains, rainforests – and of course beaches. With so much natural beauty to take in, an early morning walk can give you an experience that will soothe your soul, starting your day in the right frame of mind.  While at it, try to take some long, deep, relaxing breaths reminding yourself that you are on vacation.

Eat fresh food. You won’t get far in Hawaii without encountering a farmer’s market or fruit stand. Maui is especially famous for roadside markets where you can buy anything on the rainbow of fresh fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Be sure to try a perfectly ripe papaya or sip a cool glass of healthy, fresh-squeezed juice. Hawaii also is the only U.S. state to grow coffee; schedule a coffee tour to learn how a cup of Hawaiian joe is made.

Healing retreats. Have you ever considered a detox or cleanse? Hawaii may be the perfect place to try it out.  Activities that focus on total wellness allow you to gain vitality and give you a special glow and new-found energy when you return home to your daily routine.  If this is up your alley, we’ll pair you with the right wellness package.

Dance the stress away. While in Hawaii, why not add a little culture to your vacation by taking a hula dance lesson? Some luaus include hula dance lessons prior to the meal and show. Hula dancing is one of the most well-known dance traditions, capturing a spirit of grace, history, and sacredness. You’ll be able to experience a beautiful part of Hawaiian culture while working off some tension and having a ton of fun!

Yoga.  Build flexibility and strength by taking a yoga class on the beach or in a calming, remote location. If you occasionally do yoga at home, the beautiful surroundings are sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Many resorts in Hawaii even offer yoga workshops with additional expertise and amenities to support a restful retreat.

Outrigger canoe rides. Mixing in something more active just might be what you need for a well-rounded retreat for your mind, body, and soul. Paddling a traditional Hawaiian Wa’a at Waikiki Beach will combine both serenity and culture, while giving you the true spirit of Aloha. 

Underwater sightseeing. Swim with the manta rays on a night dive in Kona or snorkel at the Molokini Crater off Maui for spectacular and inspiring ocean sights. There is no way your mind could be stressed while peering in at Hawaii’s underwater wildlife; it’s downright therapeutic!  And let’s not forget about your physical well-being; your body will appreciate this low impact activity.

Simply Relax. And now to our very favorite healthy experience, relax!! Sometimes a little built-in quiet time is just want you need. Plan to sleep in one morning, take a slow stroll along the beach with a loved one, or just sit on your balcony admiring the peaceful view. You’ll be surprised just how quickly your stress level will drop!

Ready to relax your mind, body, and soul?  What are you waiting for?  Contact us to get started planning your perfect Hawaiian vacation.

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