Stay safe on your next vacation with these crucial tech tips

We all like to assume people are inherently good. Unfortunately when traveling, sometimes that isn’t always the case. With your phone and other technology, it’s a good idea to be cautious when a helpful stranger offers to take a group photo. You key in your PIN and they run off with your phone. Assume the best but prepare for the worst.

Other than an “alive and real schemer” ruining your vacation, cyber criminals are looking for a target too. Heed these tech tips to stay safe on your next vacation.

Careful what you post. You may be excited about getting on the plane, but do not post a picture of your boarding pass, passport or any identifying document. That boarding pass has your name, ticket number and locator which gives anyone access to your booking online and to you.

FREE Wi-Fi. Free Wi-Fi networks are everywhere, from the airport to your hotel. Never do anything with sensitive data while using free Wi-Fi, including banking as your data can be stolen. If you must use the internet to access personal data consider getting a VPN (virtual private network) or a personal hot spot.

Double check social media. Even if you’re careful about your location settings, social media sites can spill the beans on where you are. Before posting on social media, double check that auto-location tags aren’t enabled. If they are, you can remove them in settings or on each post.

Keep an air of mystery. Don’t broadcast that your home is empty! Keep your location somewhat mysterious and your profiles private. Your posts can spread beyond people you trust no matter your settings.

Be aware of public charging stations. After a long day, a public charging station can seem like a Godsend, but they can be easily tampered with. With a USB cord, a criminal can install malware or take data from any device you plug in to charge. It’s called “juice-jacking”. Use AC power outlets instead of a USB cable or carry an external battery charger.

Have cash on hand. Don’t use your CC everywhere. Credit card skimmers are still real. They attach to ATM’s and point of sale terminals, especially in busy locations, like an airport, as well as isolated areas. If the payment terminal or ATM is not behind locked doors, don’t use it.

Keep an eye on your tech. You’re far away from home, and even a few seconds means someone can swipe your device for its data. If you’re cautious and aware it helps minimize the changes of someone stealing your information. If your phone does happen to go missing, know there are steps you can take to remotely wipe it.

Your information is important when traveling. Simple steps will help you lower your chances of having your data stolen. If you have any questions prior or during your vacation, give us a call!

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