The Ultimate Packing Checklist

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Don’t Forget the ____!

The summer season is upon us, and that means summer vacations! Looking for great Summer Sales? Look no further than the bottom of this newsletter. Call now for your consultation! No matter where you are jetting off to, travel with the peace of mind of knowing that you didn’t forget to do anything important back home. Bookmark this list and revisit it before you leave. It’s all part of traveling STRESS FREE!

* Stop the mail and newspaper.

* Leave a light on a timer. 

* Arrange to have the grass cut. 

* Find a house/pet sitter and notify alarm company of travel plans. Furnish them with names and phones numbers of house sitters or caretakers. Provide your itinerary and contact information. Contact local neighborhood watch patrols or police departments for further suggestions.

* Give an itinerary to a trusted family member or friend.

* Notify neighbors of your absence. 

* Stop or forward mail. Stop newspaper and other deliveries.

* Compile a list of friends and relatives with their sizes for buying gifts while traveling. Take a list of addresses for sending postcards (U.S. destinations take stamps).

* Ask your doctor to write prescriptions for preventive medicine you may need for the places you are traveling to. Have your shots up to date!  If you are a diabetic who must administer an insulin shot, ask your doctor to write specific instructions to airport security and the airlines that you must have syringes.

* Call health insurer to clarify coverage when overseas and in transit. Make a copy of policy and card. Ask if coverage includes life-flight or emergency transportation home. 

* Contact the State Department for any warnings that may exist for your destination.

* Buy an emergency phone card that can be used in the area traveled. Check cell phone coverage area and costs of long distance or roaming fees. No sense lugging a useless cell phone.

* Copy all your airline ticket numbers, credit and ATM cards, passport, visas, and any other important travel documentation. Store them separately from the originals. Carry extra passport photos for replacing a lost passport. 

* Keep a copy of your credit card company’s 800 number so your card may be canceled immediately if lost.

* Check current insurance policies for coverage on rental cars especially if traveling in foreign destinations (if covered take a copy of policy).

* Learn at least a few words in the local language, especially the words that can get you out of trouble. For example: please, thank you, hello, no, I need a doctor, call the police, I need help, danger, and stop.

* Put itinerary and luggage tag information inside each bag (including carry-on’s). Luggage tags are often separated from the luggage making identity difficult. List only name and phone on outside luggage tags. Remove any old airline luggage routing tags. Keep a copy of packing lists separate from luggage in the event of a claim for lost baggage.

* Double check your carry-on luggage for any itemsforbidden by airport security. Make sure all liquids are following the 3-1-1 rule.

* If traveling by auto, have car thoroughly serviced and the tires checked.

* Turn down thermostat, and unplug all major electronic items.

* Empty refrigerator and take out trash!

* Lock windows, garage, and doors.

For a complete packing list, try this. Have fun and travel on!

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