Babymoon On a Budget

This week we discuss taking a “babymoon” – that is, a vacation to celebrate your life now in this moment.  More and more couples are opting to take a pre-baby vacation prior to the baby-proofing and stockpiling of diapers; however, financially planning for such an event can seem daunting.  Planning a getaway doesn’t have to break the bank, though! Here are some tips on visiting your dream destination on a dime.

Selecting Your Destination

The world is your canvas and a babymoon is the perfect opportunity to explore that exotic place you’ve always wanted to go to (but may not exactly be kid-friendly). The first step in budgeting a babymoon is choosing a vacation destination that is both appealing and affordable. We can advise you on which locations offer the most affordable flights from your area.  And packaging international flights with hotels often brings a reduced price. If you have points with a specific hotel chain or airline miles, consider using reward points/miles for additional savings.

If traveling by plane is out of reach, don’t fret it. Not all babymoons must be lavish getaways. Research destinations that are a car-ride away and create new experiences in a city neither your partner or you have been to.  

And with recent Zika virus concerns, know that there are plenty of non-tropical vacation spots to choose from.  We can help you think outside the box for exciting places, including Napa Valley, Niagara Falls, Colorado Springs, Seattle, Quebec, and so on.

Take Advantage of Affordable Activities

No matter where you travel, you will find events and activities you can appreciate that won’t cost a nickel. Look up festivals or tours that may be going on while you’re in town. Depending on how your body is feeling, you may find gentle hikes in the countryside or strolls through the city’s downtown are satisfying enough. Depending on the time of year you travel, some areas may offer discounts in the off seasons. Don’t fall under the impression that your entire trip must be planned. Sit back and enjoy each other’s company!

Mindful Meal Planning

Your appetite is likely active and half the fun of visiting a new place is experiencing the cuisine. With an All-Inclusive property all meals are included.  If not staying at an All-Inclusive, a property with an included buffet breakfast is second best.  You can eat hardy for breakfast, snack for lunch and then purchase a great dinner out.  Bring items from home to sustain you like protein bars, granola bars, nuts, pretzels, dried fruit, etc.

Have Fun!

Remember, this opportunity is likely one of the last times you get to relax and unwind before your life changes in a big way for the better. Relish the moment! For more information on planning your pre-baby getaway, contact us or visit our website to read more about the services we offer.

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My goal is to simplify travel-planning through an equal exchange process where I acquire your ideas and expectations for your trip relieving you of the worry, hassle, stress and time that accompanies Do-It-Yourself planning.

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