Five Tips for Taking Vacation Pictures Like a Pro

Photography is a great way to weave together the story and spirit of your vacation.  Fortunately, you don’t have to be a famous artist to create a wonderful photo album!  With these five tips to keep in mind during your next trip, you’ll be transporting your audience to amazing places and scenes, all while archiving some of life’s greatest moments.  After all, isn’t that what photography is all about?  Read on, and you’ll be taking pictures like a pro in no time!

#1 – Make a plan.  Before you leave on your getaway, spend some time writing down the top 10-20 pictures you want to capture, including a time of day.  For example, are you imagining a perfect picture of the Arc de Triomphe minutes before sunset?  What about recording the special moment of your family enjoying an authentic dinner together or perhaps something as simple as waiting for a morning train?  Having a plan will ensure you come home with the photo album you always dreamed of.

#2 – But also be spontaneous.  Sometimes a vacation’s best pictures can’t be planned in advance.  Capturing the spontaneous scenes such as a community garden, wildlife, food stand, road sign, or anything else noteworthy can make for a great addition.  Also, include people in your pictures to add context.  Mixing your “bucket list” photos with some of the more spur-of-the-moment ones will help you portray a well-rounded sense of the place.

#3 – Don’t worry about expensive equipment.  You don’t need a premium camera to take great pictures.  In fact, most smart phones can capture high-resolution photos that are more than acceptable.  Before heading out, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with your phone’s zoom, flash, and exposure features, and also double check that you have enough disk space and battery life.  Don’t rule out an inexpensive digital camera either – there are many portable options on the market that take great pictures with plenty of storage.  Digital cameras also tend to last longer than phones between charges.

#4 – Change your perspective.  For any famous landmark, you’ll find an endless stream of postcards for sale.  Why not think “outside the box” (or postcard) for your own photos?  Experiment by zooming in on angles or unique features that may be overlooked in commercial photographs.  Consider taking the picture from a different level, such as from another building or by lying down on the ground.  If there is interesting architecture or unique activities around, think of creative ways to include those as well.  Your options are truly limitless! 

#5 – Print and frame.  It’s not uncommon to return from a vacation with hundreds, or even thousands of photographs.  When sorting through your pictures, pick the top 30-40 that really catch the essence of your trip, and put them into a photo album for quick and easy reference.  When printing your favorite pictures, don’t be afraid to experiment with black and white to add a sense of timelessness or mystery to a scene.  Framing and displaying your top 2-3 pictures is also a fantastic way to transport back to the moment without opening your computer or phone, and it’s an inexpensive way to decorate a wall!

Keep these insider tips in mind, and you’ll be returning from your next vacation with the best souvenir of all – memories that last a lifetime!  Ready to book something amazing?  Contact us today!

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