How to Take More Vacations Even with a Hectic Life

There’s no doubt that travel is fun, relaxing, memorable and life-changing yet it’s a disturbing fact that many don’t do it. I get it! It’s not your cup of tea.

Many “WISH” they could travel and offer me every reason as to why they can’t because of their job (swamped with meetings, trying to land that promotion, or fear of the overstuffed inbox upon their return). Committing to time away from the office can at first seem stressful but there are ways to take the vacation time you crave while still keeping your job in mind. Plus, as we’ve discussed before, your boss may even notice a healthier, happier you upon your return.  So if you truly want to check off those bucket list items, even with a busy career, we offer up these ideas and suggestions. After all, you’ll never regret living a dream!

Visualize your calendar. Before scheduling a vacation, print out a calendar and block out the times that you absolutely can’t travel. These must-do tasks might include meetings, family commitments, conferences, or holidays. From there, write down the tasks that need to be completed but can be re-arranged. You can even color-code to-do items from most important to least. Visually seeing the months in front of you can help put your schedule into perspective and will help you see that, actually, you do have time for a vacation! From there, pick out the best dates for you and give us a call.

Don’t rule out quick trips. A fulfilling vacation doesn’t always have to be a 14-day adventure. If you’re swamped at work, why not take a vacation over a long weekend? With more direct flights than ever, Ireland, Iceland, and the UK are a mere 6-8 hours away for many folks. Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America are even shorter flights away for us living farther south. With proper planning, you can get the full feel of a destination even with a shorter stay.  Taking shorter but more frequent trips also means crossing more great places off your bucket list and figuring out where to return for a longer getaway down the road.

Take overnight flights. A little sleep traded for a lot of extra leisure time! A Thursday-night flight means you can still go to work on Thursday, sleep on the plane, and be ready to vacation Friday morning. The same goes for the return – consider taking a late or overnight flight home that will give you an extra day of touring. We have plenty of tips for helping you sleep on the plane. Worst-case scenario you’ve gained an extra day of memories for a slightly sleepy day at the office. For those with tight schedules, this definitely helps maximize a quicker getaway.

Be honest with your boss. Using the “out sick” excuse won’t fool anybody! Instead of staying quiet about your vacation, simply be honest about it. You’ll likely be surprised how much your boss and co-workers will respect your decision to travel, especially if you give them plenty of notice. Plus, you’ll set a good example for others to use their vacation days and come back mentally refreshed!  

It’s amazing how many people leave their vacation days on the table. One thing leads to another, meetings come up, and all of a sudden another year has passed without taking time away. With some extra planning, a hectic life is no reason to avoid taking that much-needed vacation. Do it for yourself and your loved ones! Where do you want to go this year?

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