Top Things to do on an Alaska Family Vacation

Just imagine waking up surrounded by stunning glaciers, seeing whales from the luxury and comfort of your cruise ship stateroom, all while being transported from one coastal town to the next.  Or envision riding the majestic Alaska Railroad, enjoying lunch while traversing over rugged mountain passes, with Denali in view. Almost everyone has Alaska on their bucket list, and for good reason. With all the potential in an Alaskan vacation many still ask: “do you think an Alaska vacation is kid friendly? We’re here to say “absolutely!” and alleviate any concern by showcasing the top reasons why your next family vacation should be to the Last Frontier.

Everything you need in one place. Alaska is twice the size of Texas and whether you cruise the Southeast arm (only accessible by boat and seaplane) or take a land tour of the interior, you’ll see amazing sites without any hassle. When cruising, going from one port to the next is as easy as falling asleep. The next morning simply walk off the ship, refreshed and eager for a new day of exploring, knowing that you unpack only once. Gone are the arguments about what to eat for each meal, as your ship comes equipped with buffets, fine dining, and kid-friendly snack food. Guided Land tours that explore Alaska’s interior are similarly stress-free (Alaskans excel at making things easy), with rail and coach tours that keep your family’s needs and wants in mind, including arranged transport, group accommodations, and an endless array of excursions (more on this below).

Come back new. Who needs to be staring at their phone when some of the most scenic views on the planet are right outside your window? Family vacations offer a chance to break out of the routine and connect with each other, and there aren’t many places more ideally suited for this than Alaska. Cell service may be spotty but that offers you the chance to be in the moment; there’s really nothing more recharging than that. Taking the family to Alaska offers the opportunity to go on a hike and learn about the surroundings.

It’s budget friendly. A vacation in Alaska does cost more than the lower 48, but it doesn’t have to break the bank account. In fact, cruising is remarkably economical when you think of the price of meals, transportation, and accommodations for each family member. Also remember that for cruises, you only need to purchase airfare to/from Seattle or Vancouver, not Alaska itself. Being surrounded by nature means you have an array of choices for family activities – do you want your vacation filled with epic zipline courses and helicopter tours, or are you also content throwing in a few days simply exploring the town and/or going on a family hike? The great thing is there’s no such thing as “one size fits all”.

Come home smarter. One of the best ways to get to know Alaska is to learn about the state’s vibrant history, culture and natural surroundings. Do you want to see sea crab fisherman at work, as featured on Discovery Channel’s The Deadliest Catch? Or what about an orca beach cruise and rainforest hike? From many locations you can even ride on a dogsled and learn about mushing and the iconic Iditarod Race. Additionally, most cruises include activities catered specifically to kids, such as a Junior Ranger program and other chances for the little ones to learn about the natural surroundings – giving parents a chance to hit up the spa or visit the on-board gym. Point is, there are fascinating, educational, and interactive activities that all ages will love.

Whether it’s a cruise or a land tour, Alaska is phenomenal for families. NOW is the time to book for 2019! Space fills very quickly. What’s stopping you from fulfilling a bucket list item?

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