Welcome to Costa Rica! New entry requirements for a Pura Vida adventure

While small in size, Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse nations on the planet with activities and adventures suitable for anyone. Plainly said, if you’re bored in Costa Rica you’re not doing it right! With a temperate climate and an easy flight from many U.S. cities, Costa Rica continues to be a favorite destination. And effective November 1, 2020 Costa Rica has amended their Covid-19 entry protocols to streamline the screening process into two easy steps. This eco-tourism paradise should be on your bucket list. Here are the country’s new rules in the world of Covid-19 and why you should visit.
Why Costa Rica? Millions of people visit Costa Rica each year to experience the pristine wilderness up close. While Costa Rica is about the size of West Virginia, you really need two weeks to get the full experience; otherwise we recommend prioritizing activities to two areas of the country due to the rugged terrain and road network. Costa Rica is most known for:
Natural surroundings. Cost Ricans have set aside over a quarter of their country as national parks and protected natural preserves, and visitors get to reap the benefits. With these unadulterated landscapes you can view over a dozen volcanoes and a wide range of animals found nowhere else.
Adventure mecca. No matter the season there’s always something to do in Costa Rica, and the true adventure lies in the interior. The country is birthplace of modern zip-lining and you’ll see why when soaring through the jungle canopy or over waterfalls at eye level with toucans and parrots. Costa Rica’s inland rivers offer white water rafting and kayaking, and there is hiking and sightseeing within and around the 29 national parks.
Beaches. Costa Rica offers 1,100 miles of coastline and as such there is no shortage of snorkeling or surfing opportunities. If you’re looking for all-inclusive beach resorts to simply relax and unwind there are several beautiful options but if you envision a beautiful white sand beach, that’s not Costa Rica with its coasts of black volcanic rock instead. If the beach is a must-do, for a week vacay we’d recommend a split stay, starting in the interior and ending the week at an all-inclusive resort.
Friendly people. Many often cite the friendliness of the Costa Rican people as a top reason for loving their visit. The country’s “pura vida” motto (“simple life”) is taken to heart and in fact the locals have been rated as some of the happiest people on earth. With the stunning natural surroundings at every turn, it’s easy to see why.
New, two-step Covid entry requirements. The Covid-19 pandemic certainly upended travel in its early stages, but states and countries are now opening back up. While destinations such as Hawaii require a negative test result in order to avoid a 14-day mandatory quarantine, Costa Rica eased their requirements effective November 1st. Simply follow these two steps:
Step 1: Complete the digital form called Health Pass. This pass is available 48 hours before boarding your flight and must be completed for every person including minors. This short form asks for information like your name, age, nationality, passport number, and flight details. You will also need to provide your hotel/accommodations in Costa Rica. The pass ends with you agreeing that you do not have symptoms of Covid-19 and that you will comply with a quarantine order if you become infected during your visit. A QR code is then generated which you can show on your mobile phone upon entering the country.
Step 2: Purchase health insurance. While we always strongly recommend purchasing insurance to protect your investment, it is now mandatory to enter Costa Rica in case of quarantine or medical expenses. An explanation of one’s insurance coverage needs to be uploaded into the Health Pass in order to be reviewed and approved. The policy needs to cover at least the following:Valid during your entire stay
Guarantee of coverage for medical expenses in cases of pandemic disease in Costa Rica for at least $50,000 USD
Minimum coverage of $2,000 for extended lodging expenses due to pandemic illness or trip interruption/cancellation due to illness
Costa Rica truly is an ecotourism paradise with sights and activities that everyone will love, no matter your travel style. If you’re ready to start planning your next adventure, give us a call!

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